About Rael

About Rafael Pizarro III

I was born and lived the earlier part of my life in the South Bronx in New York City. My family moved to the Lower East Side of Manhattan when I was 12.

I worked on several film projects NYU through friends who were students there between the ages of 13 to 17.

I studied at Sarah Lawrence College and the University of Texas at Austin.

After college, I worked on the Save Our Union campaign at Local 1199, the health care workers union in New York City. When we’d succeeded in ousting the corrupt leadership, I took a job as an organizer and worked variously as a Representative, Political Organizer and Contracts Coordinator.

During that period, I also helped found — and served as a Co-Chair of — the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. I also helped found the New Party in New York State.

After 10 years at 1199, I moved to Los Angeles where I worked for several SEIU locals, the Coalition for Clean Air and as an independent political and media organizer. In that capacity, I worked on such successful campaigns as Prop O in LA for Clean Water and the election of Mayor Villagorrosa. Other campaigns I worked on included the Clean and Safe Ports campaign and the Death With Dignity legislative effort.

I have lived in Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and currently I live in Boston where I’ve returned to 1199 as an Organizer.

I have a daughter studying at Stony Brook University. I have two ex-wives, both wonderful people whom I like to call friends.

Over these years I’ve written and published poetry, feature interviews and reportage. I’m just beginning to have success with my autobiographical and semi-autobiographical writing.

**You may contact me at: rafael@rafaelpizarro.com**